Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hey there

I feel like I should say something introductory. Just as I used to introduce myself to the first page of each new notebook when I was younger, listing my name, my age, the things most important to me, and as I now, in starting a new notebook, try to spit some kind of “Hello” or write something brief and lame about new notebooks or writing.


I was supposed to get a blog in December, as the Christmas present for a friend of mine. I was also encouraged by a former and favorite professor to get my name out by this small means as someone who hopes one day to make money by writing.

This blog comes out of dreams that someone of some worth in the literary world will stumble upon my writing and think something not so bad of me.

I haven’t yet looked up the specifics of copyright laws w/r/t blogs, but my guess is that they’re something like, “We won’t/can’t do anything to protect the idiots who decide to post their stories/poems/etc. in a forum where anyone can see them for free.” I am, of course, loath to put any of my few literary babies up here for display, but I’m sure my ego’s too big not to share a smattering of shitty poems.

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