Friday, June 11, 2010

Max and Therése, both age 5, meet and fall in love

“Your mom’s voice is weird.”
- “No it’s not.”
“Yes it is.”
- “No it’s not.”
“Where’s she from?”
- “France.”
“Is that where you’re from too?”
- “Kinda. We go there sometimes.”
“What’s it like there?”
- “It’s not very different. They eat different things. Where are you from?”
- “Oh.”
- “…”
“Want to see me be a ninja?”
- “No.”
“Oh. Why not?”
- “My mom tells me ninjas are dangerous.”
- “You could be a superhero though.”
“Yeah! Okay.”
- “Who’s your favorite superhero?”
- “Me too! What’s your favorite color?”
“Green. You?”
- “Purple.”
“What’s your favorite animal?”
- “Does a unicorn count?”

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